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I would not mind a Rolex Explorer. Can not afford one mind you.

Alpha make a homage and I bought a cheap second hand one off Ebay with a rather disgusting purple dial. One of the sellers pictures.

As you would expect the quality is a bit rubbish but it is a nice size (small) and does not look too bad. The dial colour and green lume on the hands....yuk.

I got the local jeweler to slacken off the caseback for me because its a Rolex type and I do not have the tool for it. I asked him how he done it as he is not a Rolex guy. Using one of those rubber ball things, so they do work. Once I got back to the horology suite I had a poke around inside and took the watch apart.

The movement is a cheap looking affair as you would expect for an alpha but it has hand and automatic winding. It hacks in a way in as much as the sweep hand halts but the balance keeps on turning. I recon there is a clutch that disengages the hand/s.

The Alpha dial is 29.5mm diameter and a standard Seiko 28.5mm one could have been made to work, I cobbled up a jig to hold a Seiko dial in the correct position to be glued to the movement but in the end I bought a cheap military type dial from China. Designed for an ETA movement it was the correct size or as near as dammit. All I had to do was cut off the dial feet and apply glue.

I was not sure of the hand hole sizes on the Alpha, only the hour hand fitted from my Seiko hand spares so for expediency the original Alpha hands had their green lume removed and I applied some white stuff.

Also a generic domed top crystal was fitted from Cousins, it does make taking photographs difficult but the watch does look less cheap in real life.

My initial loose assembly to see which dial to use. Dagaz Expidition.

The Chinese job.

There was a consensus between me and Steve, the Chinese dial it was to be.

And a comparison shot next to my 63 cal. Seikolex.

The sterile dial and compactness of the watch is growing on me, I have had it on for three days now. If it were a Rolex Explorer I think it could be a regular wearer.
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