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Released today; this ticks just about every box for me in what I want in a dress watch. This was announced a few weeks ago but is actually released to market today.

The new Credor GBLT999 "Wisdom II" has been released to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the release of Spring Drive technology as well as the 40th Anniversary of the launch of the Credor brand.

The watch as a porcelain dial, platinum case, spring drive movement and crocodile strap with platinum and 18K white gold deployment.

It has a very clean, simple and elegant porcelain dial. This is hand painted and only they produce one dial per day due to the skill and concentration required. As an example for the level of detail applied to these dials the primer for the must be applied at a thickness of between 0.12mm and 0.10mm, if it is outside this range the dial is not accepted.

The watch is housed in a 39mm platinum 950 case with a signed crown and sapphire crystal.

A 7R14 hand winding Spring Drive calibre powers the watch. This has a 60 hour reserve, 41 jewels and 252 components, it is 32mm in diameter and 3.5mm thick. One really nice feature is the power reserve function is found on the back of the movement and can be observed through the display back. This allow the dial to be kept clean and gives you a perfect excuse to view the immaculately finished movement.

This watch is produced at the Micro-Artist workshop in the Shinshu Studios; the same location that the Credor Sonnerie and Minute Repeater models are produced.

The Seiko Japan site has a nice microsite dedicated to the team behind this watch.

There is also the official Press Release.

and main Credor product page.

So why did I list this as almost perfect? Well as I mention the watch ticks just about every box for me in what I want in a dress watch the only problem is the price. It has a price of 5,500,000 円 plus tax (approximately US$51K).

I do understand the pricing and positioning and can appreciate the work that goes into the production of the watch but it falls outside of my budget. Who knows one day I may win the lottery and if so I would grab this watch in a heartbeat.
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