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Recently purchased the Aeromatic 1912 A1350 Automatic and am pleased with my sub-$100 investment.

I was a little taken back upon opening the brushed aluminum tin that the watch arrived in. This watch is really large! At 48mm the readability is super easy. (even for the person sitting across the room from you :)

Perhaps a fashion watch, or novelty piece, either way my expectations were exceeded.

Over the last four days it has kept time (-9 seconds over a four day period) very well.

The exhibition case back along with the brushed finish provide an interesting combination. The bead blasted case looks great, and the antique colored dial provides an appealing (although short lived) lume behind the sharper, greener, more defined lume from the four hands. The Black enamel numbers have a bit of shine and relief to them that pop crisply both day and night.

Adjusting the date and time give way to the realization that this is no Seiko, but at the price I can live with that. The 24 hour dial is linked to the current time set, and cannot be used for GMT.

The power reserve meter makes for a fun complication. The charge does hold true to the time indication.

I really don't know the oscillations per hour, but compared to my 7002, the "sweeping" movement of the second hand is a little more "ratchety"

The date window is a little small, but works with the assymetric hemisphere design. When I was shopping the brand up this bothered me a little bit, but sort of grew on me and is a little different than many aviator dials out there.

In summary, my goal for something a little different was accomplished.

Recommend looking into the line, which is of the same vein as Tauchmeister.

BTW - the watch came with a black leather tang closure band, but I prefer the look and feel of nato/zulu bands.
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