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I've gone a bit strap crazy recently, buying many straps for all my unbraceleted watches. For the first of what will be a series of posts, here's what I came up with for my gold filled Accutron Space View with 18 mm lugs


Pink and green NATO from Cheapest NATO Straps - $4.95
This is the most creative combo. It looks pretty cool, actually. It would be better if the hardware was gold to match the case. I may cut the extra strap part off (neuter it, so to speak)

Premium Double Woven Perlon Strap Green - Cheapest NATO Straps - $14.95
This is winner of the green straps. It's a nice shade that goes well with the circuit board green of the watch. It's comfortable and lies flat.

NewLife Green Crocodile Grained Leather - Amazon - $17.95
I really like this bright pale green. It might be the best color. Unfortunately it's stiff and uncomfortable, and I'll probably return it.

Two Piece Jubilée British Racing Green - Cheapest NATO Straps - $5.95
This one is clever. Its nylon woven into a 3D pattern that looks like a jubilee bracelet. This is darker forest green. It looks good.

Real Leather Creations Genuine Alligator Padded Strap - Amazon - $49.95
This is my dress strap for nice occasions (my Accutron is my one and only dress watch). It's the nicest and the most expensive. It look smart with a brown sport coat.
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