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Ikuo Tokunaga is the developer of many of Seiko's iconic "high-functionality" sports and dive watches. Many of the watches developed by Ikuo Tokunaga are the mainstays of Seiko and Diver board discussions all over the world, and these watches are among the most popular among collectors, eliciting a passionate following.

Ikuo Tokunaga

Picture credit: Seiko

Considering the passion these pieces incite, and the wealth of knowledge readily shared by Seiko WIS, it is indeed a privilege that Ikuo Tokunaga has participated in the SCWF, answering questions and providing fascinating insights into the thoughts and development that went into these watches. I can think of no other iconic watches, watches whose credentials have been cemented by history and public opinion, whose adherents have had the privilege of such direct access to their developer.

This archive honors Ikuo Tokunaga's commitment and passion, and strives to compile and protect his postings, allowing new and old members easy access to his thoughts and insight. Please add to our archive and, to quote Ikuo Tokunaga: "Please touch your own favorite watch with your kind heart and love for ever".
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