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It's not a review. No point, you can't run to the store and pick one up... but this vintage Seiko was out on 1977,
When I was 10 years old and it was one of the wonders of the world in my eyes, then.
Featuring a hour-minute-sec, day+month, timer, one "Auto" alarm (ones a day, every day) and one regular alarm.
And a neat feature that you don't see even in today's alarm watches - two option for the alarm's volume - choose between
one with low pitch or High pitch.

Today, strolling through the local flea market, I picked one up, after seeing it in a pile of electric stuff.
after some haggaling, it was mine for 2.5$. The battery was another 30 cents. Good deal, as the MSRP back in 1977 was about 500-600$ worth in today's money.
It's old, beat-up and as you will see - full of human DNA but it's alive!

This is the "Eight Wonder" - not working, beat up and very dirty.

Bracelet is not complete, and who knows what lays under the hood...


Cleaning it up is a lot of work

Now, let's fire it up... it's working!

All function are good, including the old light bulb and the Alarm, so now for a little refinish. I had a bracelet which I've found, waiting 7 for this moment!

There is still work to be done, it's far from perfect, but it this 43 year old boy waited enough...

Thanks for looking

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half the fun/pleasure is restoring such a classic! Good on you, Galpo! If my ageing eyes did not need larger readouts, I'd be picking up more straight digitals...if fact am might tempted to get a Seiko black PVD? digital seen, for $250usd....quite nice version.... :D

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nhoJ said:
Gross but cool.

What's the crown do?

Don't see too many buttons on the top of the watch anymore. Aside from the design, I guess they get banged up too easy.
The crown:
1. pushing it in (like a regular push button) = A mode change button, cycling through the hour/date>timer>alarms
2. When in the desired mode, you can pull the crown out for the adjustment of each mode. The chance of the digits
is made with the front pushers.
Another thing you won't find in modern digitals is the ability to change every digit seperately.

Amazing that it's still fully operational, this tiny crown, after much abuse and 30 years.
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