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Part 2 of my original post involves a 71 6139-6005 gold dial 70m Resist. Middle watch in the lineup below.

This watch was in a sad state and really should have been given up for dead or simply used for parts. As it was presented to me, it had incorrect hands, no day wheel, an incorrect crown assembly, and an incorrect pusher with no pusher springs. The movement was filthy. The SCWF member provided me with a 6002 donor watch with matching 6139B cal movement. The hands, pushers, crown assembly, and day wheel were also donated to this project. Movement parts including the balance assembly from the donor were swapped as needed to produce the best possible overall movement and result. I replaced the upper MS Barrel arbor bush with a jewel. Case, outer bezel, and inner rotating ring were swapped for ones in better condition.

Some troubling findings:

Movement Service:

Timing and Regulation:

Final Assembly:

Completed Restoration:

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