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First of all, Harry, your post was totally awesome! Congratulations for a delightful write up to all of us, fans of the shrouded divers.

I asked this question during last week, but the posts responses were a tad shy in abundance. So I'll try to raise a greater brainstorming this time around.

Suppose you have a 600m quartz tuna (caliber 7549-7009). Now, suppose you intend to upgrade the watch woth a modern movement (caliber 7C46 from modern day tunas).
Now, I know that the original 7549 set of hands won't fit the 7C46 caliber.
So here's my possible solution: assembling together the original 7549-7009 dial, 7C46 movement and the SBBN007 300m tuna set of hands, all installed inside the 600m tuna case.

Do you guys think this is worth it? Of course, this would be only considered as a viable solution in case the original 7549 caliber becomes faulty or dead (afterall, we're talking here a 30 plus y.o. caliber), so I could opt for a brand new movement, still keeping the watch as original as possible cosmetic wise, since the SBBN007 set of hands is the closest thing to the original 7549-7009 600m golden tuna (it carries a white set of hands, unlike the SSBS018 golden 1000m tuna, which has golden toned hands).

Please guys.....let's brainstorm a little over this subject.
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