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A Seiko, Citizen, Casio and Oceanic go diving

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I dove a freshwater cave system this weekend and decided to take a few 200m dive watches with me for the hell of it. There was no method to this and I was really testing a GoPro and new light set up with filter to see how the correct the colors were.

Paradise Springs

The watches I brought along:

Casio PAG-60
Seiko SRP453
Citizen JV0030-01E
Oceanic OC1 (dive computer watch)

I took all of them down to 123 feet and 131 feet and all functioned without any issues. (they are all rated to 200m so I expected no issues) The Citizen and Oceanic data matched except for a 3 degree difference in water temp. The Oceanic is accurate and the Citizen ran a little higher. The JV0030-01E is a phenomenal watch. It continues to impress me every time I dive with it. The Casio worked like a champ and was accurate to temperature and compass (match to a spg compass). The Casio's depth gauge would not register a negative depth at 92 feet and showed ----- on the display. It does register correctly +/- 20 ft per the specifications when not at depth. The Seiko just looks good on your wrist when it's underwater. The lume is a torch and is the best of all the watches for both brightness and duration.

Here is a quick 1:30 video showing the dive and Citizen and Seiko watches. Casio was hard to video as it won't lay flat due to it's band design and Oceanic is on my wrist as it's my primary dive computer. For safety reason I won't remove it at these depths in a cave. I kept the dive at the 130ish range and did not go to the 140ish range as the area had so much silt that any movement in the silt creates a silt out and makes visibly almost zero.

A few pictures of the watches:

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Cool pictures and an interesting comparison between the Citizen and the Oceanic.:D
Cool pictures and an interesting comparison between the Citizen and the Oceanic.:D

It interesting to see to see how they compare. As an example, the Citizen's accent alarm is more sensitive than the Oceanic's. (Lawyers ?)

I'm looking for a M795 or 796 in good working condition. I want to see how it's algorithm compares to the Oceanic.
Great pictures of the pool into the cave. This is what the GoPro's are made for.
Would be great to have one for the skiing.
Thanks for sharing.

You should try to dive with the kinetic sawtooth next time, the lume on that beast just overpowers the srp453

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