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Chris said:

Of course these watches were/are produced in large scale. But they (Orient) picked out a limited number in both issues for dial and caseback personalization for the relogios mecanicos forumers. So the stock versions of these 2 watches have different dial colors and lack the commemorative inscription on the caseback and the LIMITED SERIES number (like LUW's 05/29).

As for prices, can't say much about the RM1 stock version, since I don't own one. But in the RM2 (or Poseidon, as it got nicknamed in its stock persona) case I can assure you it's currently being sold for around 400 usd (today's exchange). The RM2/Poseidon is ONE HECK OF A WATCH! Talk about massive beast! Ultimate bang for the money, IMO.

Thanks for the clarification Chris.
Thats makes sense.
The 'Poseidon' is one heck of a watch from the pictures I have seen.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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