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Authored by ponycarp51

A mini review: 1 week of the Casio Wademan DW9800J

Wore quite alot last weekend at Disney World. I'm most impressed that this 50something by 50something mm watch. It is comfy and light weight with that massive presence.

About 15mm thick. The digital compass was fun to play with, especially at 37000 feet in a B-757 it gave (what I interpret as) good readings when comparing to Delta's flight status info on the TV monitors.

The EL backlight engages w/ a pusher, pretty short in duration unless you hold the pusher in, but enough to catch the time.

The metal bezel, (I dont know if it's Ti, Aluminum or pot metal or ??) turns smoothly in both directions, no click. It doesnt move on it's own.

The watch was fine in the pool. The back is Ti, and this is a Japan-made watch. Big and Fun.

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