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A little OT: Call for feedback: How is my reputation as SCTF seller?

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I have a potential buyer for the Casio Oceanus OCW-M7000 I put on the SCTF last October.
However, he is worried about the risk of the usual SCTF money upfront policy [Update] I meant practice, not policy (Thanks nhoJ!).
Since I had a lot of pleasant (I hope) watch transactions with several forum members in the past,
I thought I might ask for your feedback on my reputation as a SCTF seller.
Thank you!

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I was wondering the Same thing, Knowing how, many Happy to say the least, Guys I know of, that felt to get a Bellmatic from John

is as good a Source as could be hoped for.

I am sorry I can't say, First hand, but Second hand, I have a 4006-7020--27J that was a Grail for A SCWF member, that needed to raise $$
and I bought her, and is one of my Top Shelf SEIKOS --this came from you Three yrs ago.

If I had to Back anyone, you would be on my List, of all the most TRUSTWORTHY men I have met past 4 yrs.

Sorry Gentelmen, I thought it was JOHN asking for Refrenses, I am a Bit slow to the mind at times, happens when I only have few mints to read , and Post? But Kind words could never be a waist for John IMHO.

IMHO you are a Foundation Stone, in the STRENGTH and Beauty of SCWF.
Thank you for all you do, and all you are as a Man.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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