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A little OT: Call for feedback: How is my reputation as SCTF seller?

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I have a potential buyer for the Casio Oceanus OCW-M7000 I put on the SCTF last October.
However, he is worried about the risk of the usual SCTF money upfront policy [Update] I meant practice, not policy (Thanks nhoJ!).
Since I had a lot of pleasant (I hope) watch transactions with several forum members in the past,
I thought I might ask for your feedback on my reputation as a SCTF seller.
Thank you!

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> The buyer wanted you to ship the watch before you received payment?

He wanted to perform the transaction via eBay, because he was worried about sending money upfront without guarantee.
In my opinion, using eBay brings in a risk for the seller in form of possible abuse of the eBay/PayPal buyer protection.
I remember several threads on the SCWF about that.

Thank you Sir Les for the kind words, and you all for the valuable input.
However, it is a little embarassing that none of the forumers who bought a watch from me in the past replied to this thread. ???

Guys, where are you?

Oh well, time flies by, and it was only a handful watches over the years, to few to be remembered, it seems...

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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