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Authored by Isthmus

I've been collecting and researching sport divers for a while now. Of these, 6106 sport divers are my favorites. The main reason for this is because of their higher grade hackable movements and (for the most part) the lack of the 5 logo.

As far as I can tell, there were at least 11 different 6106 sport divers. Of those 2 are rally divers, which are bigger in every dimension and very different, as are the 5 cushion cased models which resemble smaller versions of the 6105-8000. Of the 4 saucer-shaped cased variants the orange 6106-7107 is the only one with a distinct case that is not shared with any of the other 6106 sport divers.

Of the other saucer shaped 6106 sport divers which shared a common case there were:

1. A goldish-yellow dial model with a green enamel filled bezel,
2. A brown dial model with a black enamel filled bezel; and
3. A black dial model with a black enamel filled bezel.

Oddly the black dialed variant is the only 6106 sport diver that carries the 5 logo (it is actually branded a Seiko 5 Sports). None of the others are branded with the 5 logo. I have really looked for a version of the black variant without the 5 logo, but have yet to see one in pictures or catalogs. My guess is that the black variant was probably introduced a little later in the cycle at around the time that seiko introduced the 5 logo, thus getting it. I'm guessing that it was probably not in production very long, before it was reissued in 6119 guise.

As for the orange dialed 6106-7107:

This watch does not have a 5 logo. It has and darker orange dial; big monument style markers with lume on the upper outer edge; an orange triangular florescent second hand (this part is often replaced for some reason with hands in different shapes and/or colors, but it should always be orange) – the secondhand glows when exposed to UV light; a solid explorer-style bezel; and square hour and minute hands with a black line down the middle.

As far as I’ve been able to discover, this watch is the original orange Seiko diver and it has never been reissued (this, in and of itself makes it a very desirable addition to any Seiko diver collection). In addition, of all the 6106 sport divers, this is the only one that has it’s own unique case, which is not shared with any other 6106 sport diver model. It is also the only one with a unique case specific bracelet. Finding these bracelets in any condition is not easy. Finding them in good condition is next to impossible.

These 6106 sport divers were widely produced, but were not on the market for very long (I’ve only seen them from ’69-’71). The entire line (including the Rallys), was ended, reissued, and expanded as 6119’s. As 6119’s not all made the transition. The two casualties where the goldish-yellow dial 6106-6439 with a green enamel filled bezel and the orange 6106-7107.

The 6106-7107 was replaced it was the orange 6119-6400 which used the same saucer shaped case as the other three 6106 sport divers. While similar, the two use different cases and don't share many parts. This model had a brighter orange dial and a completely different design. This 6119 has an orange dial with bar-type applied markers, a wider inner rotating ring, has the 5 logo painted on the dial, has a smaller crystal, has blue and white hash-marks along the edge of the dial, and has a thick metal outer bezel with an applied black enamel insert. Other than the movement, the black and the brown variants were reissued largely unchanged (the brown had the 5 Sports logo added). The yellow 6106-6439 never saw a replacement.

Oddly, 6106-7107’s unique case did get used again. It was used as the foundation for the original line of 6119 Sushi Roll sport divers, which have proven very popular with collectors over the years and have been re-issued on several occasions:


Here are some pictures of some of the referenced sport divers:

[i](l to r: Brown 6119-6400*, Orange 6119-6400*, 6106-6439 and 6106-7107)
* - Bezels have been modified to match dial color[/i]

6106 silver and black dialed rally divers:


6106 cushion cased sport divers (there is also a silver dialed and a yellow dialed version):



7s36 sushi roller reissue:


6106-7107 and 6106-6439:


Reissue collage:

(source: unknown)

Box of sport divers:


Of course all my information is not complete, nor am I sure that it is 100% accurate. I would welcome any corrections and or additions to anything I have said here.[/font]
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