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As you all know about a couple months ago I got a ( Vietnam Original
watch ), from a very nice Gentlemen Partner on this forum, and that he is.
Well he sent me some parts to work with, and I did all the necessary
to it so as it would be ready for when the rest was found.
The watch has been sitting and waiting very patiently in a container.
WELL , he sent me a email directing me to the Bay, to a seller having just what I needed.
He acknowledges to me and said ..........
" This is probably what you been waiting for ", and I said "Son of A Gun", it was.
Well I got what I needed to probably finish my watch, and the parts are incoming next week
on the 27'th or sooner.
And also besides those parts, it also has extra cases, movements and other parts and could
probably be the making of maybe (3) Three more Original watchs or more.
This is why I continually stay here on this Forum, We have others just watching with keen eyes, for others, and that's a very honorable thing to have being a member on here. I always remember what is going on here and see the results of it. Partners, more like Family and we have to just appreciate each other for this continually being done.
I thank you Sir for watching out for me as to my getting the parts that I just was not aware of seeing yet. I really appreciate your being another Partner I have here and with your very kind and awareness, and generosity to help now I can get this one done.
Aloha Sir and ... Mahalo Nui Loa ( Thank You Sir )


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that is why i love this forum...we all try and help each other...can't wait to see it LongBike...

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This is what I got ........

These are the parts in mention, and they should be just fine.
( Seiko Caliber C-407 movements , 7jewels ) were in these
watchs. So I might have to search for a couple more depending
on what is there. Hopefully I will find some to have as spares.
I have also done my homework on these to know they are Authentic.
Thank you again ............. Ebay.


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looks like some great parts...i know you will make them like new again...

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Seen a article on fake ones of these (not saying yours are at all), and they are a strange breed of watch. Plastic cases, throw away watches, soldiers not wanting the watches lumed. Caught my attention though, and I can't wait to see your final watch(es), good luck with finding the bits you need!!
Regards, David

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These watchs were a dangerous thing at night

The Armed forces got these in Vietnam, looked at it and laughed because
they were so small. They use to say , ..........
" Well Uncle Sam must be going broke ".
When these were given out as issue, they were made with ......
" Radium on the dials for a glow ". When I went out on what (I did),
and looked around I could see where the guys were at night
because of the glow. They look like ....... " Fire Flies ", moving
around. This was a know target for who I was there to find
myself. I sat on some tree limbs and just waited for when one of
these watchs would .......... " Draw Fire ". The other guy in the bush
could find the G.I.'s when ever he wanted and that was the bad
part of the whole deal there.
Their assignment was to draw fire from him and ........... ,
" I Take Just Take him Out ".

That was it, then back to the mess I had left five days earlier at the river
post we were assigned to.
Most of us bought Seiko's, DOXA'S, and some other watchs and just
threw them away, the issue ones. I did not use any of them, because
I had Two .....( Issued ) ones when I left the states. Then I went to
Yokosuka, Japan, and Sasebo, for R&R a few days and I saw these ........
( Beautie's yet in a small shop window so I bought ( Four of them one shot ).
They were all different ones too but same Seiko Diver watchs.
Today I have just two left all frozen up and shot.

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Okay the Vietnam Watch restoration

The picture displays what I got and what is there, so I went ahead
and started and will see what is going on with them.

Pictures I am taking as I go and posting a little later, (Wish me Luck).

I have the necessary parts now, but it looks like I need the same
A couple Donor movement to complete them.
( Due to rust on some parts. )
Everything is set to go, and all cleaned up and ready to re-assemble too.

These Dials are amazing too the are in top shape and are real beauties
considering their age.

The Balance Wheel Hair springs are shot and the holders are fine.
I need new replacements, and also a couple Stems for same
movement. Seiko D-407 ... (7 jewels ) and similar would do fine if I
can get a couple of them. The parts are same but the Bridge says
on some have (17 jewels ) but the parts all fit.

I am building ............ " Three Watchs one time ".
Also missing Three seconds hands so they need to be found also.
Two missing their Crystals though, later to be finished.

( Three restorations in one fixing )
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