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A few Seiko projects

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So some weeks ago I tried again to own and wear a Seiko diver, the SKX009 to be exact. Maybe it was the red/blue bezel or maybe the sapphire crystal, or maybe the Stargate hands that I installed on it... well I think actually that it was the result of all these together that made it a really nice watch and once on the wrist I actually decided that even if it was not as large as other divers, it would work for me. And it did, and in fact it worked so well and I decided to replace some of my larger divers with some more SKX models.

First one is the SKX009, this is all stock but it has the Seiko Stargate hands as I mentioned. It also has a sapphire crystal installed.

Next is a Seiko SKX171, I installed the hands of the Seiko SNZH55 (FFF model) and a aftermarket bezel and bezel insert from Dagaz.

This is another Seiko SKX171 but I installed on it the SKX007 dial, the Seiko SRP043 (Spork) hour and minute hands and a seconds hand from another Seiko. I also installed an aftermarket bezel insert from Dagaz.

This is a Seiko military, I believe SRP169 model, I got an original Seiko SNKF011 dial and hands and a Seiko Stargate seconds hand installed. This watch is 40mm in diameter and has 20mm drilled through lugs. Hacking and handwinding.

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Nice work Carlo. They all look great. I especially like the SKX171.
Those are well done, Carlo! Ping me if/when you want to move that SRP169 mod along.
Good job, i really like that snkf011 dial

Googled it...that's a rare bird

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Thank you for the kind words guys. It is a labor of love... love for Seikos... :grin:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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