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This is the third installment of Seiko divers project that I wanted to do. The first set included Seiko SKX divers with Sumo dial and hands pics of which were posted earlier some weeks ago. The second batch was the Seiko Navy that I so called because of the hands shape installed on them giving them a bit of pilot style.

This is the last batch, the ones I termed “wearer” because I wanted to have some watches I could wear that were simple and stylish enough to be nice, different and unique while appeasing my taste. I kept the changes to a minimum but was lucky enough to find some watches that already had some modifications done to them hence limiting my work to the bare minimum. For the parts I used mostly Seiko original ones, but for the MKII parts because Seiko did not have such military dial and hands and one of the bezel inserts. The Sulu straps are also not original as are the sapphire crystals mentioned.

Here they are, a few pics of them to give an idea. Sorry for the not so great quality of the pics and the occasional dust spec.

Seiko SKX009 with Stargate hands

This is a Seiko SKX009 that I got which already had installed a nice Sapphire crystal. I replaced the hands with a set from a Seiko Stargate and put it on a Zulu strap. This was already posted some months ago. I did get and install a new bezel insert since then but it looks the same. Here are a couple of pics for reference.

Seiko SKX171 with SKX007 dial and Stargate hands. I had posted this one before but it had a different seconds hand. I replaced it with a Stargate seconds hand which seems to better fit with the dial and hands combination. In addition to replacing the dial and hands I also used a different bezel insert. This was due to the fact that the original bezel for the SKX171 does not use inserts and it’s differently shaped then regular ones, I had to buy a used bezel, gasket and insert and installed them.

Seiko SKX diver with MKII military hands and dial. I got this with an already installed Sapphire crystal that has a low dome, very nice and pretty clear. The metal chapter ring was also already installed as well as the Murphy bezel with the coke insert. I just got a MKII dial and hands set and installed them on it. It’s on a Zulu strap as per the pictures, at the moment but can easily change to another one, different color etc.

Seiko SKX011J with Stargate hands and regular SKX007 bezel insert. This was a straightforward project, just installed the hands and the bezel insert on the Japan made SKX011. I put it on a original Seiko jubilee bracelet since it seemed to me that I did not have a better matching strap for it.

A couple of group shots

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