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This is more than a long shot,it is also beyond my capabilities to work it out but it is something I have had on my plate for over 60 years.
You will see parts of the movement are missing
The make is unknown but similar to a Zenith and a Tissot of that period
1919 -1925 maybe
The dial white Porcelain with the printing G R Addis

George Addis was a prominent Jeweler in Gold Mining town of Kalgoorlie Western Australia, 1907 -1929 he has marketed this watch for sale with his own commissioned dial.
This is Super rare, in all the time I have had this watch I have never come across another nor know of anyone that has ever seen it or heard of it.
I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never be able to get the watch going, it's just not going to happen, not in the time I have left anyway.
I have been thinking or rather wondering if this Dial would fit a more modern watch, maybe an old classic with a small register.
I would welcome any feedback
Movement approx 38mm Dia
Dial 39 mm Dia
Distance between the main hand spindle and the small register spindle 17.5 mm ( closest measurements would be in Imperial)




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I doubt he made his own movements, lots of people used their own dials on different movements they bought in. Look carefully where the balance should be to see if any marks. If no joy then carefully take off hands and dial and check for makers marks. Could be on side of thicker plates too. Pics and more pics!

*edit: what does it say on that bridge? Can’t read on my phone.

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