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Re: INCOMING cross between a Monster and a Knight!

Well at least he was wearing it. I gave a friend at work an old 5126 dress watch a couple of months ago as he was always interested in my older watches and he is a dress watch kind of guy, I have never seen him wear it since.. ???

Angelis said:
I gave this watch to my cousin Frank. He's a clutz with anything mechanical. So he's my cousin through marriage, and I wanted to welcome him to the family with a Seiko automatic. I had given almost every male, and a few females in the family, a new Seiko I introduce the family to the world of automatics. I gave this beauty to Frank, and he drops it. All was okay. In his care, it fell 5 feet down from off the top shelf of the bookcase, it survived. He was invited to my house for Easter dinner, and I saw that he wears the watch with the crown unscrwed to the 1st postion...he says he likes it that way because he doesn't have to bother with screwing/unscrewing the crown. That INSANE behavior of his, and me witnessing all of it, made me regret the gift so much, that I had to find another one for me, and treasure it more.

So Gabe, I bought the only one that timewatch777 (on e-bay) had. He sold it to me for $198.00 + free ship. If you really want one, I'll PM you with one more seller, a bit more expensive, but he's good, and in NYC.

Angelis ;)
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