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A couple of lesser known vintage Citizens....

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In the early to mid-1960's Citizen used a circular geared rotor in its automatic watches - known as the 'Jet' model. In 1963 they began to phase in a replacement design using the familiar oscillating weight, which proved to be more reliable than the Jet rotor. The first model to use the swinging weight was known as the 'Uniauto' and came in several versions, all with a special logo on the dial and in 17 or 19 jeweled versions. Here is my example from 1965, an Auto Dater Uni, rated at 40m water resistant:

Plain back on this one (correct for this version):

Here's detail of the 'Uni' logo:

Typical of this era, Citizen used a slightly quirky font on the dial:

The second unusual piece, which had a short production run but appears to have paved the way for some of Citizen's more colourful custom models of the early 1970's, is the 'Dandy Seven Custom'. There were a number of dial and case designs, afaik all using a 27 jewel and the 5240 movement first produced in 1965. This one is from 1969:

The Dandy models all featured a special crossed swords applied logo at the 6 o'clock position:

Some case backs have the logo stamped on them, mine is plainer:

Dark grey dial and yellow (probably were more orange originally) highlights look quite cool imho:

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It is interesting that Citizen chooses to celebrate their change to the standard rotor setup, which had been used by most other watchmakers for at least 10 years and Citizen was one of very few holdouts with the rotor design. I did not make the connection before but now it seems obvious that both the Uniauto brand and the logo depicts the swinging weight design.

- martin
Interesting as well that Citizen's very first auto, the '3KA' movement did in fact use a swinging weight design - in 1958. Would be great to know why they went with the Jet rotor after that - I don't suppose it was just that it looked better (imho) and gave them the chance to use this rather cool logo on the dial!:

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That Dandy Seven is kinda cool.... thanks for sharing!
Very nice. That Para Water is beautiful.

Not sure I'd feel comfortable wearing a watch with "Dandy" on the dial though! :D
Just want to share the fun are some of my citizen collection,by no means 'rare' but just uncommon..

(L to R)

-'SPLADING' Watch(11 O Clock Crown)


-Ana Digi Watch(6 Jewels)

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