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A Bit of a Story Too !

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251694864721 Read the description...My Favorite Part..And a bit expensive for a watch that sat 5 years after Leaking...
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Yep, have seen it this morning... and the hands don't look right too...
Good value though considering its been serviced twice :)
Ha !
I ran across this last night and saw the price so then I had to read the fairy tail errrrrr!! I mean the heart felt story of his watches travels. Pretty rich he wants potential buyes to eat all those costs and fees and then some. I could think of at least 5 other watches I could spend that kind of money on.

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That watch has travelled more than I have :57:
Indeed, it's pretty extortionate, not even a proper story behind the watch, serviced twice and still not water resistant.
Regards, David
Yep, have seen it this morning... and the hands don't look right too...
Yes, the hands look wrong...
Does it include the air-miles...?

EDIT: If memory serves me right. Are these not the hands that seiko were putting on the 6105 after a service in years gone by. As they no longer had the original hands available in stock. I think i remember reading this on the old forum format.
If you want a really good laugh, take a look at the other items he is selling. :rolleyes:
Yet another flebay bullsh***er, it's now reaching epidemic proportions.
Have left a thread on Rolex forum about his other item!

Can't wait to hear what the aficionados have to say hehe
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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