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A bit freaky!

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I was working at my workbench using some Acetone and the small bottle fell over and splashed some one me - on my clothing mainly and a little on my wrist.

No big drama - it evaporated away and I had old clothing on.

This morning I tried to push a button in on my resin cased Casio I normally wear.
It wouldn't budge.
I took the watch off and turned it over - underneath the button the case had melted:undecided: Thankfully it hadn't damaged the front.

The button was welded in place.

I thought I could take the back off and remove it etc....but I didn't have to - poking with my fine oiler got it working again thankfully:)
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Aren't you going to show us your fingernails?


DEET (insect repellent) will dissolve certain plastics, too.

Aren't you going to show us your fingernails?


My hot pink nail polish remains in place:grin:
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