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A big thanks to those that support our hobby.

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Not sure where to put this, but I felt a need to say thank you to those small suppliers that keep us going. This sort of came about from a email conversation I had with one of them last night, and he mentioned that sales were a little slow and he was worried about that.

I think there is a need to remember that these guys are just small or part time operators that go out of their way to provide us a wonderful service, and we do need to support them as much as possible if we want to keep restoring our watches (especially on a budget)! The nice thing is that I know we all already do that, so in a way this is a thank you to the other forum members as well.

So first, a great big thank you to Ramon for providing me the watches and movements that I restore in the first place. Without him, I wouldn't have a collection or a need for other helpful sellers.

Next is Stefan, the provider of extremely reasonably priced NOS stock parts. What a lifesaver!!

Then of course Jake from Dagaz, without him I would have no custom builds at all. He is the guy I go to for inserts and hands when I am stuck for a nice set.

And though I haven't dealt with him personally Harold from Yobokies has offered up many custom parts and helped out a lot of people too.

So thank you very very much for being there for us, and I will continue to support you guys as best I can.
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A fine notion.

I have three people to thank...
Stefan, Stefan and Stefan. But if you thank them too much maybe prices go up, so shhhh.
I have a lot of respect for Harold. He really seems to listen to the community and develop the parts that people are asking for.
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