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A big Thank You to Mark A. aka Zoodles!

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Yesterday I received the great prize for winning the Photo contest held across the watch forums. It was a genuine Seiko rubber strap for my 6309's and also a seiko bezel protector! These Q&D cellphone shots surely wont win any photo contest but here's how it looks on my 6309-729A:

The strap is perfect for this watch, it looks way better in person than in those shots and after some boiling it fits like a glove around my wrist. I'm usually not a big fan of rubber straps since I often find the to be rather uncomfortable, but this one is very soft and comfy!

I will use the protector for my Orange Monster, as it is the watch I use for my military duties. The Monster's bright lume is perfect for me, but I'm always afraid to scratch it when crawling around in the Swedish forests... :-D

So a big Thank You to Mark and also to Axel for running those contests!

Cheers! :)
Daniel Z.

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cool pic.
that case protector really makes it all look really funky.
kinda cool, like have a scuba suit on. lol.

cheers, dave.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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