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OK John you have gone above and beyond with our last transaction for a "Unique" dialed Business Bell 4006-7010. If you do not know this watch the following pictures will bring you up to speed, John has posted pics of this watch when he originally did the restoration. I felt very lucky to be the person that was able to buy it from him when he found a pristine example from JohnN who was and still is selling of certain pieces from his collection of beautiful Bells.

From the uniquely restored dial that was ravaged from water damage, to the 7 digit serial number this beauty from 1967 is quite a watch, Thanks so much for replacing the ENTIRE movement John !!!

However, when I did get this watch from John there was a problem that John wanted to remedy right away. I sent it back to him and he more than fixed the minor problem. The watch arrived back to me today from England for the second time. When I opened the Bell it was ticking away happily, which in turn made me very happy! ( and I am wearing it as I type tonight ). No, wait there was still another package, and when I opened it here is what I found ...

This is what I mean, when I say above and beyond. John you really didn't need to send me this handsome watch. But I am very grateful that you did, thank you so much, it will get lots of wrist time!!
(btw, this is my 1st but hopefully not my last Citizen)

If I can ever do you a good turn please do not hesitate to ask.
anyone else want to add a great story about John ... please do.

best regards, Ross Gill, Canada
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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