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My watch purchased 1993. Its been around the world a couple of times and used professionally from The Seychelles to Fiji (approx 400 dives)

Its been at the bottom of a suitcase in storage for 12 years, until recovered it in May. Decided to send it off to Hurley Roberts to see what it would take to bring it back to life.

It is in original excellent cosmetic condition, but needed a little more than I anticipated:

Case Back Gasket
New Time Setting Crown
New Push Buttons
New Crystal and Gasket
Test Depth Gauge
Water Pressure test and Certification
New Circuit Board

The last two were all that I expected, as I could have lived with the crystal as it was. No refinishing was completed on the watch - its all original.

Got it back yesterday and very pleased with my financial efforts!

David and the people at Hurley Roberts do a fantastic job. Communication and turn around was excellent. A painless experience.


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Very nice

Mine says Hi. I have this one, all original and the bracelet is in storage,
and another original one awaiting a bracelet, and another original one awaiting
a new strap to put on it.
That's a beautie of a time piece to have. Its very clean and is outstanding
too see. Good job on that one to keep as Original.


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