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I have owned a Kinetic 5M42 for some 15 yrs or more but abandoned it in a drawer in disgust :mad: when it failed shortly after the warranty period ran out.
With renewed interest and the help of this forum I replaced the capacitor with a Li Ion cell. All looked well initially, until I pressed the power check button when it stopped dead. I took off the back, removed the cell to check it with a meter and that was OK so I reassembled. It would not go, but the second hand was seen to vibrate. I stripped it again and double checked everything and this time reassembled using the replacement cell plate instead of the original.
Damn thing still would not go, but when I screwed the back on firmly it started, but not straight away.
That was a week ago and it has been running fine since.

Can anyone cast any light on what has been happening here???

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