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7S36 repair?

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I have a SNZH57 (7s36 movement) that is about three years old. The last few times I've worn it, it has run very erratically.

The only local watchmaker that I trust works mostly on high-end stuff, so I'm not sure he'd want to spend any time on a lowly 7S36 movement.

My question for the group is: are these movements even repairable? I have several other 7Sxx movements that are older than this one, but I've never had an issue with any of them.

I'm open for suggestions.

PS - I've been registered here for years, but I had to re-register because the system insists that i don't exist any more.

--Les in FL
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Yes the 7S36 is very repairable. They most common repair the typically need is just a goo clearing and oiling. They are not hard to rebuild. I myself only do it as a hobby but there are others here that will do it for a fee. Someone will offer up their services here soon enough.
An opinion: It is all about cost. You can get an NH36 for $40 from Startime. If you can't do it yourself you would pay some one to do a "dial swap." $40-$45. Shipping all around and you are about $100 and you have a brand new movement. If you can do it yourself, $45 for the movement and shipping and you are good for years. So it all depends on what you can get a service for and if the difference would be worth having a new movement.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see if I can find someone to work on it.
I was just on the Startime site and I did not see any automatic Seiko movements...
ok - the unit noted in THIS thread (I am not awake yet) will go in my 007, or my Monster? It is an appropriate replacement for the factory Seiko Movement?
Very repairable, and since a good watchmaker will likely adjust the watch in three positions (or more) it should be more consistent following service than it was when new.
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