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I've just assembled my latest mod project, a BB homage from a Seiko 7S26 0040 case but it looks to me like it needs a chapter ring.

I bought the case to restore and despite having a wrecked movement it had no chapter ring but pics I searched on line of original 0040 appears to show a minute marked ring around the dial and the gap around my new dial seems very big.

I can't find a specific 0040 ring on Ebay etc but can anybody tell me if an 0020 ring will fit or indeed a ring from something like a SKX007???

Or does Dagaz do any?




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It is missing a chapter ring but often the mods for these omit the ring.
Its not perfect but looks OK.

The size is probably unique. I think 10watches/ Dagaz did some for modders.
I have a used silver one if needed somewhere.
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