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7a28 on a Ghetto

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I have been struggling to settle on a strap option for a 7a28 702a. After lusting for an open lug model of the 7a for a while I chanced upon 4 of them in a few weeks - 2 white faced 7020's and 2 'almost' black faced 702a's. They all came with the original oyster bracelet which doesnt do it for me - too much SS, too light. I tried a few options: dark brown leather, gray Nato which looks pretty good, an OD fabric cheapie which is also pretty good.

As I posted in the old forum I really like velcro straps, what a mate of mine terms 'Ghetto' straps. I had seen and liked Harolds Yobokies version before I found the watches and decided to give it a try. I liked the utility look of the strap, and in particular the buckle/loop/whatever - whats the story there I wonder, cant imagine what it was for originally if its a genuine Seiko part - no matter.

In short its good, the best option I have found, and good enough to get it on my wrist which hasnt been the case before. I dont think its perfect (what is?) in partiular the elastic retainer for the springbars doesnt seem robust enough, but its very good. Having looked at alot including Carl's GasGasBones straps my wait for the grail ghetto may have to continue, or perhaps I'll have to make one up myself and see.

Message gripes: I just lost the first version of this message in the preview phase, and I dont seem to be able to drop images into posts the way Gabes FAQ suggests: "The forum is equipped with a rich text WIZYWIG editor that is turned on by default. This means that you can copy and paste already formatted text and images just like you would do in a word processor like Word or WordPerfect. To deeplink an image, simply find it on-line, highlight the image, click copy, go back to your post and paste the image where you want it to appear. You will see the actual image appear in your post as you are writing it. " Is it me?


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