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OK, bit of a bump - but I had my 7549-7010 apart today as it was annoying me that I had not worn it for months.

I removed the crystal and it has a very subtle double dome, put a straight edge across the internal edge, there is approximately 1mm of internal dome in the centre. Does that sound right or too shallow?

Also, some of the later tunas have a spacer ring under the crystal gasket, should the 7549?

Last thing! With the crystal retaining ring, should it be nipped up tight or can it be fully tightened, to the bottom of the thread maybe? I was worried about over tightening and tearing the gasket or cracking the crystal!
Yes, the tech pdf shows a holding ring for glass gasket, and the glass fixing ring should also have a gasket underneath - to allow the ring to be tightened down with a case back tool and not damage the glass. Technical Manuals/7548A_7549A.pdf
Here's the cross section of a 1000m one to show the thread/gasket relationship


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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