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7548 and 7549 second hand same fitment?

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I had been told that the fourth wheel has the same pinion diameter between the 7549 and 7548, so in theory the second hand should have the same diameter mounting hole.

The pinion is longer on the 7549, and this follows with the hands as the 7548 has a longer mounting than the 7549 - but, the diameter should be the same right?

I ask because the 7548 hand didn't seem to want to start and was tighter than my existing 7549 hand. So much so that I slipped, dropped it and bent my brand new 7548 sweep hand!!! Very annoying!!

I have straightened it, but thought I'd ask before I try again.
Are there any tech docs for this movement?
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Even when the post is the same size (as in replacing movements with the identical movement, or replacing with factory hands), it is not uncommon for fitting to be required. You may need to broach the hand out...or if you go too far, you may need to close the pipe. Good luck.
And use a hand press - if you're not so dextrous with small parts!
Thanks chaps, I have a hand press but don't always choose to use it, sometimes I find more control using a handheld press tool.

I'm no watch maker, but I had just recovered from a shoulder injury so my left arm wasn't quite good as usual!!
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