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Hi guys and gals,

My latest attempt at fiddling has me stripping down a non-working 7546-6020 Quartz SQ 100. Thanks to a couple of extremely helpful posts on this (and the other) forum, it was actually a doddle! I used a well fitting did on my cheapo press, pushed on the rear of the chapter (dial) ring and out popped the crystal, intact with the whole assembly (once I'm done there SHALL be pics). Anyway, I've got a replacement NOS chapter ring, bezel and insert from a 6040 case (I believe the 6020 and 6040 cases are indentical), a working 7546 movement from an old dress watch and (soon) a new sapphire crystal.

I want want want to replace the original, flimsy, jingly jangly bracelet with a new solid Presidential style one. The case has 20mm lugs, I'm happy to use the original hollow end links if need be (I did the same on the SKX031 resto/mod - again, pics to follow) but the corresponding centre link measures an awkward 7mm (instead of the standard 9mm). I could file the end links but I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the 6020/40 end links match up to another, more readily available model? It would be nice, but not essential to have SELs.

I know some watches share EL profiles; obviously, being 20mm lug width it limits the choice. The Sumo and MM have 20mm lugs though, so my humble watch is in good company! Any suggestions?

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