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7546 7100 fixup

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I bought another 7546 recently, knowing from the sellers description and pictures that it had almost certainly suffered battery leak damage:

and those words we watch tinkerers love:

"I do not have a battery either so don't know whether it is in working order. Therefore, selling as spares or repair."

Yeah, right.


I was hoping the dial was ok, but from the sellers picture it was unclear whether that discolouration ring was on the underside of the crystal or on the dial.

I could also see that the date ring was damaged, and given there was no movement picture I feared the worst.

Still, at worst it should be good for a few parts.

When it arrived a first gentle test to set the day/date proved that the date ring was stuck solid.

Time to see what's inside .....

A major battery leak:

just look at those crystals

and here's the dial side

with a corroded date ring

and the PCB

and under the bridge

to be honest this was exactly what I was expecting. Now then, can we get this one working again? :cool:
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Everything cleaned up very nicely

I did try and re-use the date ring but the damage to the teeth meant it wouldn't engage properly - luckily I had a couple of spares for the 3pm crown position.

Here's the dial and hands fitted

but this is where this dial and hands come into their own

and everything working perfectly (and all for £23.10).

I just need to source and fit a new crystal.
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Nice save! You were very lucky the coil wasn't damaged :)
Very nice looking watch:)

Just get a generic mineral glass - Esslinger have a good range:)
Glue it in
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