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70's Seiko Quartz Watch

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Hello, I'm in Tucson and I've joined this forum looking for ideas on where to find a watch case back. I have a 70 something Seiko Quartz watch that needs a case back. It belonged to my late husband and my son has started collecting vintage watches. I'd like to have this one repaired so I can give my son his dad's watch. Numbers at the bottom of face are 2633-7010R. Any suggestions where I might find one would be appreciated? Thank You


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Hey, this looks to be a nice piece. I am sure a case back from some other model would fit this watch, but this would be easiest done by a watchmaker. I guess you should look around in your area. When searching on ebay I found a Seiko 2633-7009 which looks to be the same like yours, but in silver for 35 $. I am sure the case back would fit, although it would be a different color. Or if you insist on the golden color you should search for a donor of the same exact model. Good luck!
Welcome to the site! I think that @seiko_nut is correct and a donor watch would be the best, the back of this watch was in stainless steel, since you are US based I would just keep checking ebay for a donor, the movement is a 2633, the rest of the dial code is just that, a dial code, not the watches model number. Most of the 2633s that you will find are square or rectangular, so just keep looking for a round cased one. Yours looks to be in fabulous condition but the donor watch does not need to be. This is a donor watch I purchased (different movement) to use the movement in a watch I had repaired for my son. The donor cost $20 shipped to my door and you should run across one for your watch at a similar price or less since you do not care if it runs or not.
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Welcome, you can post in this forum in the wanted section. One of our members may have one. If you want a tune up, one of our expert members are the best. Good luck.
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