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7019, One of Seiko's Rarer Sport Diver Families...

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Outside of the popular 6106, 6119, 7006, et al calibers, seiko seems to have tried to throw in the occasional sport diver into most of it's caliber families. What they didn't seem to do as often though (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is introduce entire families of them. A few years ago I accidentally discovered a family of sportdivers that I had no idea existed. I was browsing through eBay and saw the following picture:

The description only identified it as an old seiko so I figured what the hell and bought it, thinking that it was a 5126 sport diver, which is a popular family that uses a similar, but not as elaborate case. The watch arrived after a week or so and I quickly discovered a couple of things:

1. It was large (definitely larger than a 5126);
2. I loved the really cool dial with it's monument markers;
3. It was missing it's bezel; and
4. It wasn't a 5126, but rather a 7019.

Some searching quickly identified the 7019 caliber as one of the principal calibers used in many Advan and Vanac lines of the 70s'. I searched and searched, but no matter what I found, no sport divers would come up. then one day in Japanese website I found a reference to another Sport diver from the same line as mine, the 7019-6030:

That gave me the first look at what the bezel was supposed to look like. It also pointed me in one possible direction for finding these and why I was having such a hard time finding them anywhere. I started looking at Japanese Sales sites and sure enough about a year after landing the original watch, I found a auction for another watch from that family. With the help of another WIS, I bought the watch. The one I was buying from Japan was in obvious rough shape and I had every intent of mining it for parts (more particularly the bezel I was missing). Lew Brown offered to help me mine it so I sent him both watches to see what he could do. The rascal that Lew is, imagine my surprise when a few weeks later I get a package, and he hadn't mined the watch from Japan for parts, but instead had serviced them both and cleaned up the junky one (thanks uncle Lew). I loved it, now I had two watches when I had only expected one. The problem was that Lew's generosity still left me one bezel short. I tried searching for an extra bezel but after about 4 months finally gave up. By now I'm roughly 2 years into owning these pieces and I figured I had tapped this well dry, so I posted on the forum to see if anyone had any ideas where to find the bezel. Imagine my surprise when when Peter Khun writes from Australia to tell me that he has it and it's NOS :eek: . Soon the order was placed and the bezel worked it's way from Australia to NYC. The both watches went off to Swedefreak to have the master do his metal working magic. A few weeks and a little back and forth later (yes I'm that PIA customer - Oops) I got the following picture in the mail:

I don't know about you, but I started getting pretty excited. In the mean time, I happened to come across yet another bad description of the most interesting little watch. Also a 7019 sport diver, this one had a completely different case, and unlike any other Seiko sport diver I had ever seen, had very large Arabic numeral markers all the way around the dial. Soon that bad boy also made the trip upstate.

By now I had three watches from a movement family I had never set out to collect (remember, I started this thinking it was a 5126). I concentrated in finding bracelets for the watches and tried everything I could find. Eventually the best fit came from none other than the classic Super Oyster. Who would have thunk it.

Last summer came the latest addition. this one was inside of a box lot and it too had seen better days. I bought it and once again Lew and Jonathan did their damnedest to help me resurrect it. last week, after I'm sure it gave Jonathan much heartache (this was the harder of the four to restore, that one too found it's way back (Thanks Guys, You rock).

Finally I have my little collection together. this is the one I never set out to collect and now have spent the better part of four years assembling. In case you haven't realized it yet, it seems like the reason I was not finding parts is because these seem to have been sold in Japan more than in other markets - 3 out of the 4 have Kanji day wheels and the 4th has a Spanish one. The other reason these appear to be rare is because every single one I've found was marked water Proof. Yes I know 4 watches is a poor sample for such conclusions, but if what I observe is correct, then these must have been predominantly Japan market models made for a very short period in the late 60's to about 1971 or so and then replaced with the similar, but simpler (case at least) 5126 diver family.

Here is the first one I bought, The 7019-6000:

Here is the second, the parts watch that ended up being restored, the 7019-6030

Here is the super funky one with Arabic numerals, the 7019-6020:

and lastly, the newest of the bunch, another 7019-6000:

and last but not least, the whole family for a group shot:

If any of you know any more about these and can shed some light on their history, I would love to hear any info you might have.

Thanks for reading.
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Ok Gabe, enough is enough! Don't you realize these Rants about Seiko Sport Divers is enabling all of us Seikoholic's to continue the endless search for countless numbers of great collectibles! We need help, Not Encouragement! :'(

Great Collection! Thanks for sharing!
Some quick and dirty pics of my family...


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Any pics next to a SKX diver or something? They look kinda chunky
SeikoPsycho2 said:
Ok Gabe, enough is enough! Don't you realize these Rants about Seiko Sport Divers is enabling all of us Seikoholic's to continue the endless search for countless numbers of great collectibles! We need help, Not Encouragement! :'(

Great Collection! Thanks for sharing!

That's exactly what I thought! There are things about Japanese dive watches I don't want to know, because they will make me look for them on fora, ebay or the sales section :) . What else to say? Ah, yes: great collection, Gabe!
funny, the 7019-6000 dial seems to be inspired by the orange 6106-7107 from your other post,1229.0.html

great collection!
Funny you should say that. Seiko seems to have had a number of watches, all from around the same time, which used that dial marker design (the same style that is also associated with Doxa).
isupsyclone said:
Some quick and dirty pics of my family...
Hey isupsyclone, Lovely 7019's you have there. Do you think you could post some better pics of the individual watches and tell us more about them. It would be nice to save the info for future reference.
Your 7019s are very nice Gabe - I was interested to see the v-shaped case indentation for the crown on a couple of those. I have an early 7019 Actus with that kind of design and I wasn't sure it was quite right, but it is similar to yours, so maybe it is! :)

We'll see if these pictures show up a little better. The first three: 7019-6010 (Proof dial, Resist back from October 1970), 7019-6030 (Proof dial and back from August 1970), and 7019-6040 (Resist back from November 1971).


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The second three: 7019-7040 (Resist back from April 1971), 7019-7050 (Proof dial, Resist back from February 1972), 7019-7050 (Proof dial, Resist back from March 1972).

If you need more info, just let me know.


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These are very cool pieces,
I like the dials very much.

thanks for sharing these.

That big case 7019 is quite unique, first time I see one like that. The dial I like best is the 7019-6000. But they are all nice. But I am with SeikoPsycho 2 though: these things are positively addictive! ;)
I'm sorry for digging up this year old thread but I can't seem to find an exact example of this vintage I just got. It appears to have almost the same case as the pictures above but with a different dial. It also has an inner rotating bezel and a kanji day wheel which is cool and made me want to think on keeping this ;D

It is marked 7016-6040.. franken?


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You might have an incorrect caseback. what does the dial code say?
My 7019-7050 purchased this new, great watch and still runs great
Very nice. :great:

I noticed a common feature which is the short or concealed lugs.
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