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Hey guys,

I'm new here with my first post and wanted to share a fresh update to my SS oldie (for me anyway). I've had this 7002 for about 10+ years now and after reading some of the great tutorials on here the past few days, I decided to strip it down, clean it and re-brush the entire case and bezel, crown, etc. It really made a hell of a difference. Unfortunately, I did get a piece of dust by the 4 o'clock so that'll teach me to be more careful for the next time. And then by luck, I received my new Orb 22mm strap in the mail today as well, so I guess it appropriate to share them with the board as an intro. :)

I'm in love all over again, what a combo, I never expected it to work out this way. I'd like to do even more mods down the road. Anyway, here are pics...



Images copyright © 2010 M. Rinaldi
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