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Could I use a 7009 movement to replace a 7002? I understand the 7009 is the same as a 7002 but has day/date instead of just date.

Is 7009 crown at 4 or 3:18?
Yes, the 7009 mainplate is almost identical to the 7002. The 7009 has a thread tube for the day quickset finger and a stud for the day quickset spring that the 7002 doesn't have., other than that they are the same.

It doesnt matter where the crown is positioned on the 7009, just swap over the date wheel for the 7002 one and it will align with the 7002 dial.
I believe that some 7009's have a shorter fourth wheel pinion and hour wheel, depending on model, if so the 7002 hour wheel and fourth wheel will interchange.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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