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66-8980 clean up - help needed please

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I'm trying to replace the crystal in my seahorse (and give the case a good clean/polish).

Having double checked the crystal won't just pop out with a crystal lift, I have tried to remove the bezel but it appears to be stuck fast! Probably because it dates from 1967 and at some point looks like there has been some water damage that has ruined the dial (however, the workings appear to be lovely and clean). There is a very thin brown ring of oxidisation (rust) that is around the inside of the case where it meets the crystal and also at the point where the stem is attached to the crown (which has SW imprinted into it - so ideally I'm looking to save it).

I'm presuming it's the oxidisation that's causing the sticking (and probably the fact it's 43 years old) so would a spray of WD40 help (or would there be any adverse effects of using it)?

Is there another product I should use to clean up the rust from around the end of the stem to prevent it getting any worse?

Or should I use an alternative case that'll need a bit more work to it to get it nice and clean - I have a couple of other 8980's that I bought in 'blurry ebay picture lottery' in the hope of getting a replacement dial?

Thanks for your help.
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You cannot reverse any damage caused by rust but you can probably stop any more damage..

Most of us here are pretty much constantly aware of whats on our wrist and will automatically remove watches before doing the dishes hosing down the Harley.

If any water gets near the watch AT ALL... we will at the very least remove the movement and let it dry out thoroughly. If this does not describe you, rest assured .. it will soon.

You can remove the bezel and address the rust, a thin blade will do the trick. Having said that, the bezel (or crystal retaining ring) is quite thin and can break if the replacement crystal is not a correct fit. If not too bad I might just try the rust remover stuff...but I feel that the thought of all that rust potentially spreading and eating into that nice stainless steel would be constantly bugging me and I would remove the bezel in the end anyway.

All the best

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