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6309-sbbn007 in the blender....

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6309-7040, still one of the most beautiful watches :) :

SBNN007 dial, hour and minute hand (a bid modified to fit)
SKX007 second hand, the one of the SBBN007 really did not fit :(
Domed sapphire
Solid endlinks
"Retro razor" bracelet with 4 holes clasp with divers' extension.
NOS movement, 100% perfect (BIG THANKS to Russel Iadanza)

The end-product will be with a solid oyster, the Razor is just a little bit too much for my client :'(
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Looks great Rob, i have been toying with doing something similar with the 07 dial i got from you, nice.
That's just flat out beautiful! I've always dug that saturation dial....
Total work of art, Rob! Really beautiful. :-\ The bracelet complements the watch stunningly.
Congrats for the achieved results.

that's pretty nice looking. i'm not a fan of mods, but i'd wear that one. on another note, i'll buy that bracelet if your customer doesn't want it =)

<* shark >>><
That bracelet is so unusual,my first time seeing something like that.

I am sure it will fit and looks as nice in some other vintage watches ;)
Looks great Rob. From the dial to the bracelet. All around coolness.
I'd like one of those. ;)

Cheers, Dave.
Love the dial and hand mods. Very nicely done, the sapphire is icing on the cake. Got my own 6309 7040 coming, very inspiring....


Very cool, Rob !!!!

Great job!
It's a beautiful combo. Looks very nice.
8) As usual Rob......Im renaming you the modster.
Now that one looks great with the 007 Dial.Well done as usual mate.
Hi does it again... Great work Rob... Will ship you dial and hands this week so you don't get bored ;)
Stunning! A blending of two iconic divers. Brilliant. Make mine on rubber though please. ;)
Wow Rob, what an awesome combination to end up with killer looks!!

Can you tell us more about the work involved in making this swap?
Not too much work. Just get the stuff en put it all together.
Hands must be squeezed a little, and the SBNN007 second hand does not fit :(
Dial is a drop-in.

Watch: from Ebay, Philippines seller I know. Brushed and polished almost like new
Domed sapphire, 7040-solid endlinks: from Yobokies
NOS movement, mine
Dial, hands, gaskets: I sell those.
Bracelet: Stella. Needs fat springbars, and the solid enlinks need normal ones. The normal ones worked out OK.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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