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Last year for my 60th birthday i built myself a 6309-7049 with parts from all over the world and help from a couple of special friends as well.

First thing was to get a nice case/back and bezel parts which came from JohnW in the States, also a couple of movements came from Jim in the States, hacking kit from Pete in Australia, insert from Harold in Hong Kong along with one of his AR coated domed crystals, again from Russell in the States a Kanji day wheel along with a nice original dial, set of the flat after market hands from the Philippines, OEM gaskets from Luka, NOS crown and stem from the UK, a pair of Jonathans superb end pieces and a Oyster bracelet i had knocking about.

After assembling them i was more than happy with my "new" 6309 which is obviously one of those watches that come what may will be a keeper.

Well a year has gone by and like many i am always looking for total perfection/originality if possible, very seldom achieved but the fun is in the trying.

Phase two, i picked up a real good quality oyster bracelet some time ago so i put it aside for my 6309 (i much prefer bracelets on all my watches and the oyster on it was not the best) and in the last couple of months also obtained a nice (not perfect) original bezel insert but the crème de la creme came in the last couple of weeks, a really quite sorrowful 6309 in poor condition and well worn but..........under the scratches and wear there was an almost perfect original dial and hands which i just had to have in my 60 special and to finish off i decided to replace the after market domed crystal (which are GREAT) with an original flat crystal to make it all back to original apart from the fact that the movement hacks, to me hacking is not essential as for the most part i do not need to synchronise my watches to the exact second but if the feature is there i love it.

Picture one after phase one and two is of how she is today, even knocked Harry off my wrist for a while.

Thanks to all of you guys that helped and supplied parts for my project and became friends in the process, this is what the SCWF is all about :) :) ;)


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Wow, John, thats so nice. Its exactly how I wanted to restore mine with the kanji day wheel. ;)
But sadly, I am still unable to source a kanji day wheel for my 6309 diver. :(
Thats definitely a keeper. I hope I could do the same some day.

Cheers, Dave.
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