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I've had a 6309 836a case laying about for some time now, its one of Ramons specials and came with a job lot. Dial,hands and insert were beyond it and in view that inserts for these are rocking horse manure i have left it sitting in the parts bin. That's until i came across an insert from an H556 510A that i had left over from a pre Arnie restoration i did last year. It fits although was a touch loose, and had to be stuck in with very thin double sided tape.
SNK dial and hand set, domed crystal.
6309 dials have a recess in the back to allow clearance for the day wheel "C" clip theirs no recess on the 7S26 dial, so i removed the "C"clip and used a dial washer in its place, it seems to work.

I'm not overly struck on the insert, but its Hobsons choice i'm afraid.
Click on the pic to enlarge.
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