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Thought I’d share a few pictures of my just-completed 6309-7040 mod. The hands and sapphire crystal are from Harold Ng (Yobokies); dial, chapter ring, bezel insert and Tsunami bracelet are from Noah Fuller. Jake Boudreau (Dawn Of Time Watchworks) did all of the assembly work.

I’m pretty stoked about it, to say the least. These pics are pretty average, but the watch looks phenomenal in person. I knew I wanted a Doxa-themed mod, but I couldn’t decide on the type of bezel. I finally chose the rally diver model and I think it was a good choice. Gives the watch a much different look than the rest of the collection.

This was the first watch I’d had modded and I’m encouraged to do it again. Jake was really great to work with on the project. I was slightly nervous about sending a watch to Hong Kong for work, but it turned out to be no problem at all. Jake’s communication was top-notch. Once he had the watch and opened it up, he noticed that several gaskets and seals needed replacement, so I had him take care of those while he had it. Also, he informed me that my caseback was pitted and he replaced it with a better version than my original one. Can’t recommend his work enough.

Now, the pics. Hope you enjoy them…

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