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6309-7040 Divers bezel insert issue

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I've recently purchased my first 6309 cushion case diver. The only thing needed to tidy it up was to replace the aftermarket bezel insert with something of better quality from Harold. When the bezel was put back on the insert seemed to be raised at 6 o'clock, bezel on and off a few times, insert in and out a few times, and a good few pushes on the crystal retaining ring and I'm still at square one.

The conclusion is that something is pushing the insert up when the bezel is fitted. The crystal retaining ring appears to be just as far down as it should be. Yobokies slant bezels appear a little thicker than norma but cant be pushed too far down as the bezel won't allow that. I just cant work out whats going on and I've ordered a new genuine crystal which I intend to fit with another cystal retaining ring and new gasket.

Anyone ever had this problem and am I going about things the right way?
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Sometimes the bezel gasket gets out of it's groove and goes "up", pushing the insert.
I would check this issue first.
I once even saw a bezel with a gasket which someone took from a case back, cut it
and put it in the bezel, leaving a gap...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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