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6309-7040/9 with "newer" Seiko Model Dials....Let's See them please :)

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Hi all

Need some inspiration :)

I recently got a 6309-7040 with an aftermarket Dial and would really like to swop the aftermarket Dial to another Seiko Dial.

I understand from my earlier post on the matter that newer Seiko Dials would needs to be modified to fit the 6309-7040 case (Thanks Gabe ;D )

So, has anyone modified newer Seiko Dials to fit their 6309 Cushion Case Diver ? If so, could you share pics and what you had to do to get it to fit.....please ? O:)

Thanks in advance

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Two 6309 mods, both using 7S dials, one Seiko, one Yobokies. The usual route, clip the dial feet and use some sort of adhesive...(I didn't do the actual work)...

mellow yellow where it belongs...

because I'll never have one of these...

I have one of these...
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Duarte did this a few years ago, his pic.

By daveobrien at 2007-04-11

Orange knight dial and chapter ring from Duarte told me it took some work to make it fit.

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Nice Modded 6309s ;D

Thanks for the Pics and details Guys.

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