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6306 crown problem

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when i unscrew the crown of my 6306, it does not "pop out" as expected of screw down crowns. :-[
i simply unscrew and pull out the crown to set the time. no popping out nothing.

why doesn't the crown pop out when fully unscrewed? can this be rectified?

thanks all :D
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Remove the crown and stem, and have a look inside the crown at the gasket, or O ring if you prefer. The gasket is probably old and hard, and needs replacing anyway to keep the water out. Then it all needs to be cleaned and lubricated. This is not too hard to do if you can get the gasket, and some silicone grease. You need to get watch grade grease, and the real Seiko stuff is available from your local watch parts supplier. You will have to remove the stem from the crown to replace the gasket, and a pin vice is the right tool to do this. If you are not confident enough to try all that, just clean and lubricate the crown gasket and the problem should be fixed, but you won't have a waterproof seal. Drop me an email if you want more information.
Not sure what you mean by popping out, the crown and stem assembly for the 6306 / 6309 incorporates a small spring, when you fully unscrew the crown a put a bit of pressure pushing the crown you should feel the resistance of the spring, if there is no or little resistance either the spring is worn/tired or the small retaining clip may be missing (common on old divers)

I had a similar problem I simply bought an original complete assembly they are relatively cheap and easy to change yourself.

thanks all,

but i have yet to reach the level of doing all these so better bring the watch to my local watch guy :)
There's a great post on the old forum which details replacing the gasket in a 6309 crown, which of course would be the same for a 6306-700X.
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