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63?9 Can anyone tell me what it is pls

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Having always liked the idea of working with watches as a Hobby I have taken the plunge after changing the battery on my Tissot.
(We all have to start somewhere!) :)

I have bought (£6) a Seiko 5

The crystal is missing.

On the face =
Seiko 5
17 jewels
Made In Japan

The stem is at 4 Hr

On the case cover/rear =
Water resistant
SN01 86
6309 8880 A2
SGP ST Steel Back

When I unscrewed the case the movement =
6319 21 Jewels

So I am assuming this is a watch someone has done some work on.
It doesn't keep time but then again I didn't expect it to for the price.

I would like to replace the crystal and the movement.

Can anyone help me on the following please?

Is this a 6309 face and case with a 6319 inside or vice versa?

I have found crystals at Cousins UK but which should I buy?

I think I need a 6309 movement. (I would like to replace the movement myself for the experience). Or is there a compatible movement available and if so which one is available and simplest for me to use?

Any help will be very much appreciated,


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pm me.. i have what you need...welcome to the forum
Very nice watch too.

Hope you enjoy your stay. That's nice hope you get it going soon.
The 6319 is a 21 jewel version of the 6309 - so you could have a play with the existing movement and if it's unusable get another 6309 or 6319.
While I'm no expert on Seiko 5's, that dial looks somewhat . . . . . how shall I say it . . . . . non-OEM.

Am I nuts or am I on target with the looks of the "Seiko" and the "5" symbol?
While I'm no expert on Seiko 5's, that dial looks somewhat . . . . . how shall I say it . . . . . non-OEM.

Am I nuts or am I on target with the looks of the "Seiko" and the "5" symbol?

I agree with you, Chevelles. Could be the angles of the pics, but it looks like if the font used on the "SEIKO" logo is not the correct (or the ussual). But maybe I'm wrong, because the machine appears to be legit (although a little beat up).

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It looks like one of those watches cobbled in India, not kosher at all.

hey i just pulled mine...that dial is so fake...looks like a cobbled up one...i have one for him if he needs it...that one looks pretty rough sadly
Did you get that one from that puppy mill in India?
Many thanks for all the responses.

I bought this Seiko from a stall at a country fair recently and as it was so cheap and not quiet pristine(!) I thought it might be an assembly of various parts. But as these watches seem to be so popular I thought it would be a good opportunity to start learning about them.

I was telling one of my gardening customers about this and hey presto they asked me to change a broken crystal on one of their watches and pop a new battery (377/376) in (its an oldish Oilily with an ETA inside). So it looks like I might have a new hobby!

I'll be getting some items from jringo ASAP. e.g. Dial, crystal, movement. :)

Thank you all for your help with this,
i cant wait to see what you will do with the parts...great to see they will have a great home too
I'm looking forward to starting work with your parts. A big THANK YOU for all your help.

Incidentally I'm currently working on my eldest son's Fossil Big Tic flame. The section which animates the flames has been cracked and two of the hour "markers" have dropped off the face as well as the battery being dead.
I am working on an ammonite and looking around for a backlight so he can have a real Fossil as the face which will be illuminated as required.
At the moment I think back light parts from a Timex Indiglow might work?
Getting the ammonite thin enough is interesting. I'm currently down to 1.9mm with one flat face but need to get it flat both sides at 1.6mm without it cracking! :)
i have never worked on a fossil...not sure how they are made...i am sure they have some other makers parts..
glad to to see others taking what others dont want and make it loved again
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