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62MAS quick snaps.........

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A few quick photos of a new arrival, bought this one to be worn so was not too stressed about originality although I have a correct bezel insert on the way, dial looks aftermarket as do the hands although the second hand might be original, movement is a little scruffy but not too bad, it needs a service, clean and regulating, best I can get it to is approx +8 secs/24 hours. Seals definately need changing..............any hints for a guru to do a good service and pressure test much appreciated, UK will be easiest for me, maybe Seiko Service Centre UK?

Lovely things these, size is great and the ideal lightweight summer watch on a nato...

Thanks for looking...,
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Harry said:
Nice, a real classic. Its great that we have access to good aftermarket dials and inserts - have you sourced the insert with the correct lume pip, if so I would be interested to hear your comments about the fit!

BTW I suspect Citizen service UK would probably not be the place to go ;D - one of our forum vintage experts would be my choice!
Whoops, :D ..I guess it might be better to go with Seiko service..?

The bezel insert is a remake so will also be very interested to see how it fits..
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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