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6139 Question from Newbie

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I've tried searching the forum but haven't been able to source an answer to my question. I'm hoping the more experienced members here will be able to help me.

I'm searching for a really nice 6138 or 6139, and on a very popular site (where items can be purchased) I noticed an item up for sale. The item description read, "RARE VINTAGE JUMBO SEIKO CHRONOSTOP AUTOMATIC w/DAY DATE 6139-7101".

The watch looks really nice, so I had a closer look. The pointer on the subdial looks different to other 6139 models I have seen. I also noticed that on the dial where I would expect to see "Chronograph" the word "Chronostop" appears.

I have seen "Chronostop" on watches with different model/calibre references. I've not seen the "Chronostop" dial on a 6139 before. (Not that I'm professing to know, because this is all new to me.) So my question is...

Is this watch the real deal? Indeed, is there such a thing as a 6138 or 6139 Chronostop? (I apologise if these are silly questions.)

I hope someone can enlighten me.
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Wow! Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it. And thanks too, for making me welcome.

I think I'll learn a lot from the knowledge, experience and expertise shared on the forum. Thanks again.
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