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Hi, thank you for the nice words, I am based in Cumbria, but happy to take the watch anywhere to get it back as it should be.
The movement is rusted solid, so I am assuming it will a need totally new movement, I want to keep as much of the original watch as I can.

Thanks for looking and helping

Many here can help you, myself included. But also PollyC, Spencer Kleine and IWW will get voted and come highly recommended. See what info you get and go from there.
The movement inside that watch is fairly easy to fix up, or swap out if need be. You won't get a new movement for it as they have not been made for decades I should think. Some new old stock parts surface every now and again, but mostly we use old donor watches and movements to take the parts to fix the pieces we are interested in. Seikos 6139 movement is very highly regarded and thankfully old 6139 watches are quite easy to come by, so finding parts is generally not a problem.

Good luck in your quest,
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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